Company History

The founder of Raised Floor Services, Inc., Pat Johnson, began working for Tate Access Floors, the leading manufacturer of raised floor systems, in 1978.

Over the years, visiting many existing data centers, she observed that the majority of floors had structural problems, i.e., rocking panels, missing trim edge, dished panels, and dirt, just to name just a few. Because of the problems, the floors were not performing at their optimal design criteria levels.

In early 1991, Pat met with Carol Blake of Access Floor Systems in Louisiana, to attend her seminar entitled The Importance of Structural Maintenance of the Raised Floor System. Carol had developed the industry standards for maintaining existing raised floor environments. It is by the guidelines she developed that we continue to give mindful attention.

Raised Floor Services is a privately held, woman owned, small business that was incorporated in the State of Maryland in 1991. Since 1991, Raised Floor Services, Inc., has expanded its efforts and is now a nationwide service provider.

Raised Floor Services, Inc. provides structural maintenance, and installation of all major brands of access floors, air control components and finishes. We are professional Air Containment, Data Center Floor and Equipment Cleaning Specialist using equipment and products specifically designed for Data Centers and Clean Rooms.




RecycleSymbolRecycle? – Your old panels can be recycled.

Raised Floor Service, Inc. is focused on sustainability through our business practices and the products we recommend.

Products End-of-Life : Recyle Old Panels

Before sending old or damaged panels and pedestals to the land fill we recommend recycling. One of the primary materials used in the manufacturing of our raised access flooring systems is highly recyclable steel.

The cement fill of the panels has to be separated from the steel shell before recycling. This process will require using a recycling center with grinding capabilities. For assistance finding a center near you we suggest visiting the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and using their membership directory and selecting the steel and shredding categories from the list of commodities.