Airflow Controls

Delivering the right amount of airflow to the right place is a key componet of an energy efficient data center. Tate has developed a wide range of automatic and manual dampers which adjust cooling to match variable heat loads. All of our dampers significantly reduce bypass air and improves PUE. Tate Airflow Controls can be used in both retrofit and new build applications.

SmartAire® MZ

SmartAire® MZ dampers offer automatic balancing by delivering the right amount of air to the equipment at the right time to ensure the proper inlet temperature is maintained. The units adjust cooling independently to 4 separate zones of a rack to allow for variable loads and partially deployed areas without overcooling and wasting energy. Real time rack level monitoring and control of airflow improves decision making and reduces operating cost.

SmartAire® T

SmartAire® T is designed to provide IT technicians the ability to control the temperature of the hot aisle when access to service equipment is required. Before the tech enters the hot aisle the units are activated by a user supplied trigger. Once powered on the units allow cool plenum air to enter the hot aisle until the predetermined safe working temperature is established. When the desired temperature has been reached the tech can comfortably work in the contained aisle without breaks until they have completed their tasks. SmartAire T units will maintain this temperature until the units are deactivated by the technician.

Multi-zone Opposed Blade Damper

The Multi-zone Opposed Blade Damper allows for delivery of air only to where load is present, and confining airflow to where there is none. The reduction in airflow volume as a result of closing off airflow to unused sections of racks reduces energy expenditure at the CRAC unit level.

Dual-zone Opposed Blade Damper

Tate’s Dual-zone Opposed Blade Damper is designed for use with the DirectAire X2 in single width airflow panel aisles. The dual zone damper allows the user to control the airflow through each half of a panel independently so that racks on opposite sides of the aisle can receive the right amount of cooling for the load in the rack

Single-zone Opposed Blade Damper

Tate’s Single-zone Opposed Blade Damper offers a dramatic airflow improvement over traditional manual slide dampers. It features a nearly infinite range of adjustment and very little airflow resistance. Easy access through the panel’s surface allows for quick adjustment of the damper for accurate airflow balancing for IT hardware with fixed airflow requirements. The damper’s drop-in design allows for easy installation by decoupling the damper from the panel. This means that standard, undampered directional airflow panels can be ordered as needed, with separate opposed blade dampers purchased as necessary.


Tate’s PowerAire fan assist module is designed to provide a blast of cooling through an individual airflow panel. Multiple Control options are available to automatically turn on when conditions require additional cooling. Equipped with a variable speed fan drive the fan can be throttled up or down based on the heat load requirements.

PowerAire® Quad

The PowerAire Quad fan assist module is equipped with 4 fans connected in parallel to provide built in redundancy. This unit is only 4” deep making it ideal for retrofit situations with finished floor heights as low as 7.5”. Multiple control options are available to automatically turn on the fan when conditions require additional cooling.

Slide Damper

Tate’s slide damper can be factory attached to standard perforated panels for manual airflow adjustments. The slide damper is mechanically attached to the panel to provide airflow control. The design of the damper means it will fit into most existing data centers, or new build applications.