PowerAire® Quad

The PowerAire Quad fan assist module is equipped with 4 fans connected in parallel to provide built in redundancy. This unit is only 4” deep making it ideal for retrofit situations with finished floor heights as low as 7.5”. Multiple control options are available to automatically turn on the fan when conditions require additional cooling.

PowerAire Quad is available in multiple control options:

  • PowerAire® Quad C – client sensor network
  • PowerAire® Quad S -1 rack mounted sensor
  • PowerAire® Quad M – 3 rack mounted sensor

Equipped with variable speed fan drives all four fans can be throttled up or down based on the heat load requirements. This powerful solution is ideal for solving the toughest hot spots in a data center.

BMS Interface cards are available to allow the PowerAire® Quad M to interface with the existing BMS. Currently BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, and SNMP protocols are available for remotely monitoring and controlling the units. This interface allows for the retrieval of current inlet temperatures and fan speed, as well as adjusting individual unit temperature set points.