SmartAire® MZ

SmartAire® MZ dampers offer automatic balancing by delivering the right amount of air to the equipment at the right time to ensure the proper inlet temperature is maintained. The units adjust cooling independently to 4 separate zones of a rack to allow for variable loads and partially deployed areas without overcooling and wasting energy. Real time rack level monitoring and control of airflow improves decision making and reduces operating cost.

Understanding & Managing Diverse & Variable Loads

Each rack in the data center is a constantly changing due to the processing demands of the IT hardware at a given time. This load variability has been driven by IT hardware that has become more efficient over time, increasing the difference between idle power consumption and 100% utilization. This fact, coupled with the increasing use of cloud computing, will only serve to drive increased load variability in the rack on a minute by minute basis, making manual tuning of the airflow at the panel level impossible.

SmartAire® Effectively Solves the Problem

The solution has been to provide sufficient air to accommodate the peak energy demands of the rack, resulting in wasted bypass air and over-cooling during all less than peak conditions. SmartAire® MZ measures the incoming air temperatures at the face of the rack and adjusts the VAV damper to control the air flow and ensure that the temperature at the face of the rack is never above the maximum allowable set point provided by the user. When deployed using best practices, the system is able to virtually eliminate bypass air, and account for any local temperature fluctuations.