SmartAire® T

SmartAire® T is designed to provide IT technicians the ability to control the temperature of the hot aisle when access to service equipment is required. Before the tech enters the hot aisle the units are activated by a user supplied trigger. Once powered on the units allow cool plenum air to enter the hot aisle until the predetermined safe working temperature is established. When the desired temperature has been reached the tech can comfortably work in the contained aisle without breaks until they have completed their tasks. SmartAire T units will maintain this temperature until the units are deactivated by the technician.

Increase Productivity with Longer Access to Hot Aisle Containment Systems

OSHA exposure limits for working environments indicate a certain ratio of rest and work when working in high temperatures. These regulations may suggest periods of rest that limit the amount of time a person can work. Further to the limitations provided by OSHA it is important to create a comfortable working environment as some individuals may have a lower tolerance to heat.