A leading data center provider, our products offer innovative solutions to future proof data centers and achieve exemplary energy efficiency performance. Tate’s airflow panels and controls provide effective containment by automatically monitoring and adjusting airflow to the equipment to maintain the optimal balance between cooling and efficiency. We also offer best-in-class aisle containment systems and unique fully contained cabinets for maximizing data center efficiency through expanding inlet air temperatures. From Fortune 500 companies to colocation and cloud operations, Tate continues to redefine data center airflow management.

Virtual Containment

Virtual containment enables the data center to operate more efficiently by nearly eliminating wasted airflow while maintaining access and flexibility. Using a set of solutions to deliver the right amount of air when it’s needed directly to the equipment, virtual containment maximizes design. This is accomplished using directional airflow panels, control devices and doors at the end of the aisle to nearly eliminate bypass air, providing containment without the need for a roof or other overhead partitions.

Cabinet Containment

Cabinet Containment Benefits of Tate Airflow Systems Cabinet level containment completely isolates the IT cooling from the rest of the facility, which allows for full containment of supply and return air, separates the IT airflow from the human occupied space. Cabinet level containment can be more cost effective during the initial build compared to individual […]

Aisle Containment

Aisle Containment Benefits of Tate Airflow Systems Containing the airflow of an entire aisle has been shown to improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing bypass airflow. Aisle containment is the most common due to the many legacy airflow panels which supply air in a vertical plume. It has been shown that 50% or more […]