Tate’s IsoFlo cabinet completely isolates the IT cooling from the rest of the facility. Automated airflow controls reduce energy costs and provide the most efficient use of the data centers IT cooling capacity. The dedicated airflow path for equipment cooling aids in the implementation of fully economized or passive airflow cooling designs.
Total cabinet level containment offers additional value over aisle level containment, lower first costs and the ability to continually reduce cooling operating costs throughout the life of the data center as hardware requirements change.

Using IsoFlo to create a fully contained data center eliminates additional space requirements, and decreases the capital cost associated with the acquisition of the rack and containment portion of the data center build.

Tate’s IsoFlo cabinet can be installed almost anywhere in any data center environment. The full 42U of open mountable equipment space provides enough capacity to add the equipment needed. The automated airflow controls provide instant rebalancing for equipment changes and inlet air temperatures can be adjusted to accommodate the widening operational ranges of newer equipment.

Cabinet Benefits

  • Efficient
    Total rack level containment allows for increased inlet air temperatures and completely eliminates bypass airflow
  • Operationally Cost Effective
    The ability to incrementally increase the equipment inlet air temperature or use passive airflow supply allows IsoFlo to provide a very cost effective data center cooling platform.
  • Capital Cost Effective
    IsoFlo cabinets are more cost effective than racks with aisle containment, and offer mechanical equipment savings in new build.
  • Flexible
    There is no requirement for a hot/cold aisle layout. The isolated airflow paths and standard module sizing of the chimney and airflow panel allow the cabinet to be deployed in any new or existing pod or cage configuration.
  • Monitoring and Control
    Automatic airflow controls allow for simple integration with the building management system and DCIM can provide real time information to the data center manager.
Legacy Airflow Design
Legacy airflow designs limit the IT equipment cooling temperature. Without containing the air streams the supply air used to cool the equipment must be used to cool the facility for human occupancy thereby limiting efficiency in order to maintain comfort.
Total Cabinet Level Containment
Using a fully contained cabinet allows the IT hardware air streams to be separated from the people.This provides opportunities to expand inlet cooling temperatures and efficiently supply airflow without the concern of human comfort or wasteful bypass air.
Dimensions (H x W x D)*Cooling Capacity*Max LoadMounting SpaceChimney Dimensions
87" x 23.6" x 50.5"1.5-20.4 kW3200 (14.2kN)42U20.25" sq x 24-48" tall