Grommets are designed to virtually eliminate bypass airflow (air which is delivered into the data center and not consumed by the equipment and exhausted as waste heat), increase capacity, enable higher density, and dramatically lower energy consumption. We offer an entire range of grommets from raised floor to rack to aisle level. Existing facilities and data center expansions will likewise benefit from the superior sealing ability of our grommets.

Air Sealing Grommets

Tate’s air sealing grommets are designed to improve the energy efficiency and air sealing performance of your data center by preventing leakage from the raised floor plenum when penetrations are required for power and data cables above the floor.

Rack Level Management

Tate’s rack level airflow management products reduce high intake air temperatures by preventing hot exhaust air from circulating to the front of the IT cabinets. This improves IT equipment reliability and supports cooling infrastructure optimization.

Aisle Level Management

Aisle level airflow management products are engineered to seal a variety of openings in the aisle, blocking bypass airflow and maximizing cooling performance. Controlling errant airflow in the aisle increases efficiency, capacity and reliability.