Structural Ceiling

Tate’s Structural Ceiling Grid is the ideal solution for any data center application where large heavy items need to be suspended within a building. Replacing custom-built on-site structural support systems such as Unistrut, with Tate’s Structural Ceiling Grid can offer many advantages. A structural data center ceiling allows you to pre-design and specify the support solution in advance and, best of all it’s less expensive and faster to install.

System Performance Criteria
Hanging MethodGrid Load Performance1/4"-20 Connection to GridPerimeter Connector
(with building connections 4'x4' on center)(Adapters for 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 or M10-1.5 are also available)(In line with building connection)
Point Load (lbs)380 lbs* (1.7 kN)380 lbs* (1.7 kN)800 lbs (3.6kN)
Uniform Load (lbs/ft2)50 lbs/ft2 (2.4 kN/m2)--
Ultimate Point Load (lbs)700 lbs (3.1 kN)760 lbs (3.4 kn)1600 lbs (7.1 kN)
*Max point load no less than 4' (120cm) apart in any direction.